Tallmadge man turns shed wall into patriotic display

Image of United States flag painted on wall; Old Glory can be seen from the road

April Helms
Kent Weeklies
Tallmadge resident Glenn Doan transformed this shed wall into a colorful patriotic display

TALLMADGE – Those driving on Northeast Avenue can catch a glimpse of the Red, White and Blue during their commute.

The creator of the painting of Old Glory, Glenn Doan, decided this summer to take the wall from his old shed and repurpose it as a patriotic display. Doan said it took about eight days of off-and-on work to paint the American flag on the old wall, which is 8 feet tall and 16 feet wide.

“I just looked at it and figured it would be a great place to build a flag,” Doan said. “I work as a roofer, and I had the shed to hide ladders and my equipment. I tore down the shed. That wall was there all by itself, and I was trying to figure out what to do with it, so I decided to paint a flag.”

Doan, who has lived in Tallmadge since 2003, has worked as a roofer for 28 years, the past couple years as a roofer with the Akron Public Schools.

“I don’t have family in the military,” Doan said. “But I’ve always been pro-USA. I put out a lot of flags on Independence Day and Memorial Day.”

As well as his flag displays, Doan also is known for his holiday displays.

“I’m the goofy Christmas guy,” Doan said. “So my neighbors know me.”

Christine DeLuke, one of those neighbors, said she moved to her home about seven years ago. DeLuke said she was impressed with the work Doan did on the flag.

“It’s so nice to look at that,” DeLuke said. “I didn’t dream it would look this good. Watching him work on it, it looked like an HGTV show. Once it was all there, it was the perfect red, the perfect blue.”

Doan also has a solar powered device to illuminate it at night, DeLuke said.

DeLuke said she also enjoys seeing Doan’s Christmas displays in the winter.

“When I’m walking the dog in the backyard, I can see it,” DeLuke said. “I love seeing the deer, they are so pretty.”

Doan has become so well-known for his herd of Christmas reindeer, DeLuke said, that “if people are getting rid of [their reindeer], they call him.”

Unlike the seasonal display, Doan said his flag will be out permanently. And when it starts looking too faded, he still has paint and the stars to bring Old Glory back to its full glory.

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