Tallmadge police reports

Kent Weeklies

Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

A South Avenue man reported Aug. 31 that someone used his bank card information to charge $750 in purchases. The man said he lost the card in the first half of July, then found it and took it to the bank and watched as it was properly disposed of, but fraudulent charges were made anyway. The man said the bank returned $175, but a police report needed to be filed to continue the reimbursement process.

A man reported Aug. 31 that someone ripped out one of his vehicle’s taillights so that it was dangling and punctured and scratched the vehicle’s rear while it was parked outside his home in East Avenue’s 1100 block during the night. Police said the damage was estimated at $1,000. The man said he confronted two people he had argued with the day before and they denied involvement. Police said the man decided not to pursue the matter, but wanted it documented.

A North Avenue man reported Aug. 28 that someone hacked an online account he has with a company and tried to make two purchases totaling a little over $500. The man said the company flagged the transactions and he was not out any money. He said he contacted a police department in California where the merchandise was to have been shipped, but was told to first file a report with Tallmadge police.

A woman reported she believes someone entered her apartment and took $14 in quarters she had in a container on a counter in her kitchen in West Avenue’s 500 block while she was way during the afternoon. The woman said the apartment was locked and she did not know how the apartment may have been entered. Police said there was no damage reported.