Stop for Stow Campaign focuses on school bus safety

Marsha McKenna
Kent Weeklies
Stop for Stow campaign focuses on school bus safety.

As the school year starts, drivers can anticipate more school buses on the roads. As such, the city of Stow is launching its “Stop for Stow” school bus safety campaign to remind drivers of the traffic laws associated with stopped school buses.

“When it comes to making sure the children of Stow get to and from school safely each day, we can all do our part by remembering and following these important and potentially life-saving laws,” said Stow Mayor John Pribonic. “For many of us, it has been at least five months since we have seen school buses on the road, so this is a great opportunity for residents to refamiliarize themselves with the bus traffic laws.”

The Stop for Stow campaign includes the promotion of educational materials around bus safety laws on the city's Facebook page and website. Additionally, residents will see a school bus parked in front of Stow City Center as a reminder that buses are back on the road. Residents can also pick up Stop for Stow yard signs in front of Stow City Center for displaying in their own front yards as well as Stop for Stow bumper stickers at the front desk during normal business hours. There is no charge to residents for the yard signs or bumper stickers.

In July, Stow City Council passed legislation to increase the penalties against drivers who illegally pass a stopped school bus. Councilman Steve Hailer (Ward 3) spearheaded the initiative and worked with city administration to develop the Stop for Stow campaign to protect the children of Stow by better educating the public about these traffic laws.

“We hope that seeing the big yellow school bus parked outside of the City Center serves as a reminder to all residents to slow down, stop for school buses and potentially save a life,” said Priobnic. “I hope that all of our students have a great start to their school year!”

The launch of the Stop for Stow campaign coincides with the start of the 2020-21 school year for the Stow-Munroe Falls City School District.