Lollipop Co-op Preschool in Macedonia offering at-home option

Staff Report
Laura Raglow, former president of Macedonia's Lollipop Co-op Preschool, and her family showed their appreciation for the Lollipop teachers during a car parade this past May after the end of the school year was impacted by COVID-19. The preschool is offering an at-home option this coming school year for families not comfortable sending their children to school.

MACEDONIA — Lollipop Co-op Preschool says it is evolving to help meet the needs of local families with the Lollipop At-Home Preschool.  

Lollipop’s parent-led Board of Directors along with the teachers say they have spent a lot of time trying to determine an alternative option for families that may not yet be comfortable sending their children to a classroom. Using the teachers' expertise, along with feedback from families, the preschool has developed what it calls a “unique and

innovative offering” for the upcoming school year. It allows families to bring the Lollipop curriculum into their homes, with the option to join the classroom setting at a time when they feel comfortable. 

“We do not believe any other local preschools are offering this type of at-home, return to the classroom when comfortable flexible programming,” said Lollipop Marketing Chairwoman Beth Hardy in an email. 

Weekly Lollipop Learning Boxes, designed by the experienced teaching staff, will bring the Lollipop curriculum and experience to families, with an easy to use at-home format. Pre-recorded videos to view “on demand” will accompany the Lollipop Learning Box lessons, along with periodic online video calls to practice important social skills with classmates. The program is designed to be easy for parents, yet stimulating, engaging and educational for students. Lollipop says its Learning Boxes and virtual at-home program will provide a well-rounded curriculum covering aspects of art, music, math, language, science and, of course, play.

Lollipop’s school year is starting on Sept. 8 and will be held virtually for the first month for all students. When Lollipop reopens to in-person instruction — tentatively on Oct. 1 — parents will have the choice for their children to meet in the classroom, or continue with the virtual at-home program. 

If parents do choose to send their children, class sizes will remain extremely small and Lollipop will have implemented extensive new health and safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of students, families and staff.

Lollipop Co-op Preschool is at the United Methodist Church of Macedonia, 1280 East Aurora Road. Programs are available for 3-, 4- and 5- year olds. Contact Vice President Kate Sebastian at 440-823-7311 or President Shawna Polimene at 216-355-0437 to discuss the details. Go to for more information.

“With our 60-plus years of experience, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve our local families and children during these uncertain times through this new educational offering,” says a release announcing the at-home initiative.