Stow-Munroe Falls police reports

Kent Weeklies

Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

A Munroe Falls Avenue woman reported she heard a loud noise outside her home, close to where her vehicle was parked, late in the evening Aug. 21. Police said they searched the area, but were unable to find any explanation for the noise.

Air let out of bike tires: A woman reported Aug. 20 that someone let the air out of the tires of bicycles belonging to her children while the bikes were outside her home in Munroe Falls Avenue’s 200 block. Police said the woman suggested a suspect, but the person denied involvement.

Someone heard at front door: A Charing Circle woman reported she was concerned someone was trying to enter her home after hearing what sounded like someone tugging on the front door at around 12:50 a.m. Aug. 13. Police said they searched the area, but did not find anyone.

Graffiti written in chalk: A man reported Aug. 10 that for the second time, someone used chalk to write a political message on the sidewalk in front of his home.

A Munroe Falls man reported Aug. 10 that someone tried to defraud him of money after the person called about work to his computer security the man had not requested. The caller told the man he had been billed $400 for the work and he would need the man to set up an online bank account to refund the money. The caller then said he had accidentally refunded $40,000 instead and the man would need to do a wire transfer to fix the problem. The caller then removed $40,000 from the man’s line of credit and made it appear money had been refunded. The caller also tried to use the man’s personal information to apply for a credit card. The man said he reported the matter to the bank, which stopped all of the transactions and he was not out any money.

A Falling Water Circle woman reported Aug. 14 that someone stole her vehicle’s owner’s manual, an insurance card and an expired check from the vehicle while it was parked outside her home during the previous couple of days. The woman said she thought the vehicle had been locked, but forced entry was not reported.

A man reported Aug. 8 that someone siphoned gasoline of unspecified value from his pickup truck while it was parked in his driveway in Young Road’s 5400 block during the night. The man said he had just filled the truck’s 23-gallon tank and it was now down to less than a quarter full.

Flags and sign stolen from yard: A man reported that someone stole a political sign and about 20 small American flags from his front yard in Marsh Road’s 3300 block during the night Aug. 5. In addition, the man said a white cross sign he had made was pushed to the ground and four Christian flags and two pro-police signs on it were taken.

A Stow woman reported Aug. 6 that she was scammed out of $750 after someone hacked a friend’s social media account and then sent her a message asking her for the money while pretending to be the friend. The woman said she purchased gift cards and then provided the redemption codes to the suspect before realizing it was a scam.

Man reports electric bill scam: A Stow man reported Aug. 5 that someone claiming to work for a electric utility called and told him his electric bill had not been paid for several months and his electricity would be shut off if he did not pay about $280. The man said that following instructions, he and his wife went to a store to purchase a gift card to make a payment, but while talking to a store employee, the employee told them it was likely a scam. The man said he then contacted the electric company and was told he did not owe any money.

The owner of a business in Kent Road’s 4500 block reported Aug. 4 that someone entered the business during the night and stole $150 from a cash register and tampered with a security video system so that it would not record what happened. The owner said there was no sign of forced entry and he suspected a former employee may have copied a key to the business’ back door, especially since the person would also have needed to know a security code to get into the register. The owner, however, was unable to suggest a specific suspect, said police, and the investigation was closed.