Small groups are perfect size for new business

Stephanie Singleton has opened her own business, A Princess For A Day, in Tallmadge that provides parties and weddings for small groups.

TALLMADGE — A party venue caters to small groups to adhere to the recommendations during the COVID pandemic while a larger venue limits guests to under 200 after recently reopening its doors.

Stephanie Singleton returned to the area after spending 15 years in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to start her own business, A Princess For A Day that makes women and girls feel like a princess.

"To watch A Princess For A Day evolve from a dream envisioned while living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to now a platform that unifies my community through intimate weddings, parties and events is not only self-rewarding but a humbling experience to say the least, because in the back of my mind I know I’m contributing to happiness within many people’s lives,” Singleton said. “However, I will be first to admit it has been a struggle trying to survive a business through a coronavirus pandemic especially one that emphasizes on social contact."

A Princess For A Day, 71 West Ave. #4, is an all-inclusive, multi-functional venue to host small civil weddings, princess parties for girls 6 years and up and other special events for the community. The intimate venue includes a Victorian-style foyer, a chapel that can convert into a dining reception area, seating 8 to 10 people comfortably, and a kitchenette lounge. In addition, there is a bridal suite with a hair/makeup station and private changing space. The entire building capacity is 15 people and can also host outside vendor events and meet up for a nominal fee.

Shortly after A Princess For A Day opening, the COVID-19 closed many of the local businesses, but Singleton continued to offer her services.

“We’ve never closed and now we’re slowing moving forward,” Singleton said. “It’s kind of stressful. We are a small venue and our objective is being social.”

Singleton has mostly been doing weddings and parties for children.

“I’ve reached out with word of mouth to get the news out,” she said.

A Princess For A Day provides small, intimate gatherings in an all-inclusive multi-functional entertainment room. Amenities include a stage platform, podium, PA system with microphone, chairs and optional tables. In addition, guests can enjoy a private changing room and relaxing kitchenette/lounge with microwave, mini refrigerator, and sink.

"The reason I enjoy being a wedding officiant besides loving weddings is that I am fascinated by the emotional energy that surrounds weddings,” Singleton said. “As well as being able to incorporate each of my other licenses and certifications into one career.”

Services provided include elopements, small wedding ceremonies, parties, reunions, anniversaries, meetings, officiating services, mentoring for girls ages 10-15, and showcase for small businesses.

For more information about A Princess For A Day visit or Facebook & Instagram @aprincess4aday.

The Venue reopens for weddings, events

On the other side of the scale for size of events is The Venue, 10 Tallmadge Circle, which can offer weddings and events for up to 200 people during the coronavirus restrictions.

The Venue was closed March 6 and reopened June 13 and is following all the COVID-19 guidelines for weddings and special events, according to special events director Beth Genovese.

“We did a wedding June 13 but a lot of people changed their dates and moved out a year or canceled,” Genovese said. “We’re doing the events that stayed on.”

Genovese said 2019 was the best year for business with more than 70 weddings on the weekends and other events in between. This year has been the worst and they have lost 75 percent of their business.

A lot of customers went with scheduling weddings and events next year or did something small in their backyard, Genovese said.

The Venue has a maximum capacity of 200 people under the COVID-19 guidelines with tables 6 feet apart and seating eight per table. Genovese said they encourage assigned seating and offer extra tables for those who are not comfortable sitting with eight people.

Everything is single serving and nothing is communal like water pitchers or shared salad dressing, Genovese said. Only 10 people are allowed in a buffet line and the servers wear masks, two pairs of gloves, and are the only ones to serve the food.

“We did two weddings this past weekend, and I have dates available for people with under 200 guests,” she said.

Genovese can be contacted for weddings or special events at 330-633-7111.

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The Venue offers small to large group banquet rooms for business meetings, showers or weddings. Size is limited to under 200 during the COVID-19 restrictions.