An apology from the Aurora Advocate

Staff Writer
Kent Weeklies

A headline that appeared in the Aug. 12 edition of the Aurora Advocate and on our digital platforms regarding the Aurora High School girl’s golf team did not meet our standards. We apologize for publishing it and pledge to do better.

The headline’s language was sexist and violated a core ethical principle to treat people with respect and compassion.

We especially apologize to the members of the Aurora team. You and all high school athletes deserve fair and respectful coverage on all occasions. We will endeavor to make sure that happens in the future.

We are reviewing how this headline was published and taking steps to improve our quality control. We also are addressing the ethical breach with our staff, and while we cannot discuss personnel issues, we are taking appropriate action.

The story and headline also were published on The headline was revised online on Wednesday to remove the offensive language and reflect the article’s content.

We hold our journalists to high standards of ethical conduct, including an annual training program currently underway. Key components included observing standards of decency, taking responsibility for our decisions and being conscientious in observing these principles.