Seasons Road sees more development to west of state Route 8

Fogg Corporate Properties is asking the city of Stow for reimbursement of a waterline to develop 120 acres on the west side of state Route 8 on Seasons Road. The waterline is estimated to cost $277,000 or 6.9% of the $4 million project.

STOW — Economic development continues along Seasons Road.

The Seasons Business Park West is 120 acres on the western side of state Route 8 where the proposed development for office and warehouse buildings was approved by Stow’s planning commission and council in 2017 and the land cleared for development.

Ray Fogg Corporate Properties LLC and BH Leasing LLC (an affiliate of Brennan Holdings LLC) are partners in the development on Seasons Road.

Fogg is asking the city of Stow for assistance in adding a waterline in the area, said Rob Kurtz, director of planning and development, at the July 23 council meeting. The city plans to introduce legislation in the future but presented the proposal plans to council.

The city is asking council to authorize reimbursement of the waterline after it is installed by the developer, Kurtz said. If the agreement is established and approved by council, the developer would install the line, and the city would confirm installation and costs and reimburse Fogg for costs.

The industrial park west would have 1.3 million square feet of industrial space possible on 120 acres. It could possibly create 860 jobs with an annual estimated payroll of between $32 million and $48 million.

The roads and improvements would cost $4 million and the waterline would cost $277,000 or 6.9% of the total costs.

Although there is money available in the water fund, it hasn’t been designated for the proposed waterline project, said John Earle, director of budget and management. The reimbursement wouldn’t be paid until 2021.

Plans and engineering could be completed by the end of 2020 but construction of the road and waterline wouldn’t start until 2021, said Jim McCleary, city engineer.

On the east side of state Route 8, the business park has 578,927 square feet of space on 44 acres with 239 jobs created and a $9.2 million annual payroll. The fourth building, which is not fully occupied, could add 140 jobs and $5.4 million in annual payroll.

Before improvements to the northwest quadrant, 12,310 square feet was developed. In 2019, industrial development is 1.3 million square feet. Improvements began in 2003 and included the interchange, the Seasons Road connector to Norton Road, as well as water and sanitary sewer lines.

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