Tentative plans for Nordonia's return to school will be unveiled Monday

Finalized plan released in late July


NORTHFIELD CENTER — A draft of the Nordonia Hills schools reopening plan will be presented July 20 during the school board’s meeting, which will start at 7 p.m. at Reinecker’s Bakery.

However, no decisions will be made that evening, said Superintendent Joe Clark. Anyone attending the meeting in person will need to wear a facial covering, and space will be limited.

Clark said he also would give the presentation July 21 at 1 p.m. through Facebook Live.

The school board is scheduled to meet July 23 at 6 p.m. to discuss the draft, Clark said. The meeting location has not been determined.

“I will take the Board’s feedback, finalize the plan, and release it no later than Aug. 14,” Clark said. “In reality, I hope to have the plan released by July 31, as we will need as much time as possible to work out the logistics and families will need time to decide what option they will choose for their children.”

There will be an open forum for public comment at the July 20 Board meeting; however, Clark said he encouraged people to send their thoughts by email to the board members individually, or sending him an email at joe.clark@nordoniaschools.org.

Clark said that the district will offer a remote learning option for families who do not wish their children to return to school in-person. In addition, he said that families wanting to send their children back into the school buildings “should be in the mindset that things will be different than they were before the pandemic.”

“You should not expect that all students will be able to return to school without some form of social distancing and mask wearing,” Clark said.

The district will have a free Academic Boot Camp for students in first through eighth grade. The online camp will cover math and English/Language Arts.

“The purpose of the Boot Camp is to get our kids thinking about school again before we resume classes on Sept. 8, and to offer some remediation needed due to instruction time lost during the COVID-19 school closure,” Clark said.

The program, which will encourage students to go at their own pace, is from Aug. 10 through 28. Families should register by July 17. For details or to register, visit https://www.nordoniaschools.org. For questions, contact Todd Stuart at at Todd.Stuart@nordoniaschools.org.