Hudson considers expanding its Historic District

Staff will contact residents in potential expansion area for feedback


HUDSON — The city is considering expanding the municipality’s Historic District to include Elm Street, Roslyn Avenue, and East Streetsboro Street.

City officials are planning to contact the 86 residents within the proposed expansion area in July and August to find out how they feel about potentially living in a Historic District. Contact will be made via phone calls, emails and potentially in-person visits to homes if that’s allowed by Summit County Public Health. City staff is set to come back to council in September with an update after re-engaging with the 86 residents.

City officials first considered the Historic District expansion when a group of 25 residents submitted a petition in 2015 requesting the city add Elm Street and Roslyn Avenue to the current Historic District.

Since then, the city has worked with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to ensure the areas requested would be eligible. SHPO found that Elm and Roslyn would be good candidates for inclusion in the Historic District, with the addition of East Streetsboro Street.

The city hosted a neighborhood meeting and conducted an online survey for the 86 property owners in the proposed expansion area to gain feedback on whether they would like to add their neighborhoods to the Historic District, according to a city news release.

Based on a discussion with city council on March 3, staff had planned to directly reach out to each property owner within the proposed expansion area to receive formal responses from everyone, include those who did not answer the survey. That process was temporarily put on hold when COVID-19 began impacting the city in mid-March. Staff determined that door-to-door contact would not be feasible during the pandemic closures. Additionally, as residents were dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, staff felt it was not the appropriate time to attempt mail or phone communications.

City officials have highlighted several reasons why they are considering expanding the Historic District:

1. Residents in the district have requested it.

2. Historic Districts have increased levels of home ownership and longer duration of residency.

3. Districts see greater economic stability and higher property values.

4. Studies specific to Hudson show properties within the Historic District appreciate at a higher percentage.

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