Tallmadge hopes to buy property with flooding problems


TALLMADGE – A property on Northeast Avenue which has had repeated flooding issues could be purchased by the city and become a permanent water detention center if funding is approved.

Council June 11 unanimously approved an ordinance to authorize the mayor to transfer the property at 1520 Northeast Ave. to the city and accept any grant funds awarded through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program if they are awarded to the city.

There’s a draining swell behind the house from Atwood and rainwater goes to a drainage swell where the city has an easement. However, it can’t handle the amount of the water coming through and backs up on the side and back of the property and runs into the house, Mayor David Kline said. The problem has continued for at least 10 years.

“We’ve been applying for the funds for the past eight months and are getting some headway,” Kline said.

The ordinance would provide the documentation that the city would pay its share of $27,000 and would allow for the paperwork to go forward in order to receive the state and federal funds, he said.

The city would pay $27,000, the state would pay $27,000 and FEMA would pay the rest for a total of $216,512 to purchase the property, raze the house and make it a permanent detention facility, Kline said.

There was no litigation or settlement paid to the owner, according to the Law Director Megan Raber.

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