Aurora Routes 82/306 intersection upgrade pact awarded

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AURORA – Improvements at the Routes 82 and 306 intersection are on the horizon after City Council awarded a contract to CATTS Construction Inc. at its June 8 meeting.

The city will pay CATTS $266,679. In addition to that being the best of four bids submitted, Service Director Harry Stark said CATTS already will be working on the city’s East Pioneer Trail water line replacement project this summer.

Stark said the improvements, which were called for in a consultant’s report that gave an F rating to the intersection, will take 30 to 45 days and should be completed by late August or early September.

The northbound Route 306 approach to the intersection will be widened, creating separate left turn and through lanes. Stark said the consultant estimates the improvements will reduce traffic delays by 59 seconds.

Funds for the project will come from the street construction, maintenance and repair fund and the state highway improvement fund.

In other action, council extended the completion date for installation of vault restrooms at the Hartman Athletic Complex to June 26. Parks-Recreation Director Laura Holman explained weather and the coronavirus pandemic necessitated the delay.

The Cornice Co. will face a $500 per day penalty if it does not finish the project by June 26.

Councilman John Kudley said he is not pleased with the delay, especially since Aurora experienced a mild winter, but he did say he is “thrilled” by the work that’s been done on the athletic complex’s parking lot.


A contract was awarded to Agri-Sludge to land-apply or haul to a landfill wastewater cake biosolids. The cost would not exceed $80,000 for 2020, which is the same amount as in 2019.

Council amended an ordinance which regulates the flying of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) over the city to make local, state and federal law enforcement agencies exempt from the restrictions. Police Chief Brian Byard said many departments use UAVs in their law enforcement efforts.

Daniel Sedlak was elevated from part-time to full-time status as GIS technician/zoning inspector at an annual salary of $52,000. Council approved compensation for five seasonal parks/field crew workers, which Holman said would bring the parks staffing up to 50 percent this summer, and no additional workers are anticipated.

Final plats for Renaissance Park at Geauga Lake and Hawthorn of Aurora Phase 6, a revised development plan for Hawthorn, stormwater conveyance design criteria and current city ordinance replacement pages went to second reading, while the 2021 tax budget went on to third reading.

Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin announced July 4 festivities, including the parade, festival and fireworks, will not take place because of the coronavirus pandemic, but a virtual 5K run could take place July 3. Kudley and Councilmen Dennis Kovach and Harold Hatridge said they support canceling of the holiday festivities.

The mayor reported officials are putting together a list of projects which will be delayed this year since it is projected the city will lose just under $1 million from income taxes. She said youth baseball and softball games were scheduled to resume June 15, and the city/schools tennis and pickleball courts are now open.

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