Hudson Job Search: “Destroying Job Search Obstacles”

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Kent Weeklies

There are common roadblocks to getting the job you want. They are real, but don’t need to be scary and paralyzing.

- No clear job target

- No luck in networking

- Interviews but no offers

- Offers you can’t afford to take

Too many job seekers fall for each of these obstacles like turtles who have landed on their shells. They struggle and squirm but don’t get any traction to move ahead to the job they want.

Mark Gonska, Chief Connections Officer and EVP at Dise & Company promises to reveal exactly how to destroy and overcome these and other problems. Mark says he is “not a NY Times best-selling author,” but he has helped over 8,000 people move forward in their careers.

Hudson Job Search meets the first and third Monday evenings. Our meeting is currently conducted on Zoom with check-in beginning at 7 p.m., the meeting is from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Register in advance by going to the website and completing the Contact Form with the request to attend. A registration link will be sent.

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