Macedonia Police Reports

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Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Drug related

Man found with suspected heroin: Police responding to a report of a crash in the the parking lot of the Tractor Supply store on Alexandria Way around 1:20 p.m. May 22 found a male with a veterinary syringe he had just purchased and suspected heroin in his vehicle. The man’s identifying information was redacted in the report, which stated charges are pending.


Shoplifter arrested: A patrolman in the Walmart parking lot May 22 about 3:30 p.m. reported he located a vehicle that had allegedly been in involved in a theft at the CVS in Northfield Village and contacted the Walmart loss prevention officer to look for the suspected shoplifter in the store. Store security found the man, a 52-year-old Middlebug Heights resident and followed him as he loaded merchandise in a backpack  before picking up a D player and speakers and attempting to return them at the customer service desk. After that transaction was denied, he then left the store with the stolen merchandise in his backpack and police stopped him in the parking lot at a vehicle occupied by a 47-year-old Cleveland woman. Police arrested the man on a charge of theft. The woman was charged with misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession and littering after she attempted to hide a black pill container containing suspected drug residue by throwing it onto the ground.

Two cars pumped gas: An employee at the Highland Road GetGo reported individuals in two vehicles with temporary tags drove off without paying for gas at the same pump May 4 at a little before 8 p.m. According to the report, one of the individuals told the cashier he would be paying cash, but did not know the set amount, then went back to his car, pumped gas, set the nozzle on the ground and drove off. A man who was parked on the other side of the pump then picked up the nozzle, pumped gas and set the nozzle down when he was finished before driving off. Police have video and photos of the individuals and are investigating.

False report: A Macedonia woman reported to police that someone took about $120 from an envelope she had left at the GetGo gas station around 10 p.m. May 15. According to the report, the woman told police the envelope had contained about $190 when she left it at the counter, but only $70 when she returned to the store to pick it up about 20 minutes later after realizing she had left it behind. Police returned to the store the next day and viewed surveillance video, which showed the woman setting the envelope on the counter at the store. However, nobody touched the envelope until she returned to pick it up. The woman admitted she may have made a mistake and apologized.

Criminal Damage

House egged: A resident reported someone threw eggs at her home sometime during the night May 23. The homeowner said she believes the incident happened some time around 2:30 a.m. and said she suspected an individual whom she had had problems with in the past. 

Identity fraud

Texas man reports $13,000 loss: A Fort Worth, Texas man reported to Macedonia police May 8 regarding a case of alleged identity fraud where someone had opened an account under his name at Home Depot and made just over $13,000 worth of purchases at the Macedonia store on April 29. According to the report, whoever made the original purchases then returned to the store to return items worth about $200 on May 6. An investigation was pending.