New retail building planned for Kent Road in Stow


STOW — A four-unit retail building could be added to Kent Road’s business district. 

Planning Commission May 26 recommended approval of a retail building which will be sent to City Council for review.

Vincent Frammartino of Frammartino Construction Co. asked for a site plan and variance approval in order to construct a 4,800- square-foot retail building on two vacant lots located at 3274 Kent Road between Gorge Park Boulevard and Sycamore Drive.

The 0.55 acre property is zoned Commercial 3 with community retail and retail buildings permitted. Previous structures on the property were demolished in 2013. Frammartino said he had a tenant interested in one or two units.

The proposal is for a 4,800-square-foot retail building with four suites located approximately 80 feet from the Kent Road right-of-way. The proposed entrance is located on the west side of the property and aligns with the Stow Plaza entrance across Kent Road.

The parking lot goes around the rear with 23 total spaces in front and back, said Rob Kurtz, director of planning and development. Landscaping will be along the front and side. Along the back is a retaining wall.

Variances for setbacks were requested and approved by planning commission because neighboring properties have similar setback variances. The proposed building setback on the east side is 10 feet instead of the 20 feet required; the west side is 6 feet instead of the 10 feet required; and the south side is 10 feet instead of 25 feet required.

Most buildings in the area don’t meet parking lot or building setback requirements put in place, Kurtz said. This property wouldn’t receive any other exceptions than neighboring properties.

The planning commission asked that the rooftop mechanical units be screened, lighting would be directed downward, the handicap parking spaces relocated and a vehicle barrier and guardrail added to the back because of the 8-foot drop off.

The planning commission also approved a personal 24-by-30-foot garage, classified as an accessory building for a home with a C-Nail & Spa business at the same location at 3616 Darrow Road. No variances were needed.

Planning commission member William Ross said the property was neglected and needed to be brought up to community standards and maintained.

Owner Chau Nguyen said he turned the old garage into a business but needs a garage for personal items which would eliminate items stacked in the yard.

The legislation should appear on the June 25 agenda for city council.

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