St. Joseph's student learn coding

Courtesy of St. Joseph Parish School
St. Joseph Parish School student Maggie Ruegg experiments with the different functions of the Edison robot that she previously coded.
Kent State University Technology Director for RCET’s and AT&T classrooms, Thomas McNeal assists fifth graders Daphne Mann and Lucy Anderson with programming their Edison robots.
St. Joseph Parish School kindergartner Olivia Pastoral examines the Edison robot she is learning to code with Edblocks, an icon-based robot programming language.

 CUYAHOGA FALLS - Saint Joseph Parish School (SJS) teamed up with Kent State University for an X-STREAM learning experience in coding.

KSU professor Tom McNeal visited the school to provide varying levels of instruction on Scratch and Edison EdBlocks for students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight as part of the SJS X-STREAM learning program, which like STEM, integrates content subject areas into cohesive learning projects based on real-world applications. Scratch is a coding software while Edison EdBlocks are programmable robots. Students learned the basic functions of the robot and how to use them.

They then used barcodes created in Scratch to program the Edblocks to avoid obstacles, follow a line, and move in a circle. In addition, SJS sixth through eighth graders were invited to display their robotic skills in a challenge sponsored by S3 Technologies, a technology specialist in Akron. For the challenge, students were charged to create a 3-D storyboard that represented a story or song. They then programmed the EdBlock robot to ride on & interact with the board.

Edblocks had to follow a path, avoid obstacles, and stop at various places on the storyboard. Students also recorded narration for their story and even added music.

SJS also partners with community neighbors including Kent State University, University Hospitals, Millapore Sigma, University of Akron, and Snapology to provide hands-on discovery across all grade levels. Through its CYO program, St. Joseph students are able to participate in a complete sports program. Saint Joseph Parish School (Lillis & Gallagher Halls) and its Early Childhood Learning Center (Jones Hall) are conveniently located off state Route 8’s exit 5 at 1909 Third St. in Cuyahoga Falls. For more information visit