Middle school students excel in Ohio Math League competition

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Members of the eighth grade team are, from left:  Back Row - Ben Hoffmann, Adam Halford, Yeonwoo Yu and Kaito Suzuki; and Front Row - Henrique Sa, Jerry Du, Katie Benson and Sneha Upadhyayula.
Members of the sixth grade team are, from left: Back Row - Evan Peng, Luke Choi and Jacob Cho; and Front Row - Emily Schott and Cooper McCutcheon. Not pictured is Sophia Song.
Members of the seventh grade team are Chase Gerbick, left, and Duy Tran. Not pictured are Grace Newsome, Peter Soljaga and Owen Tandy.

Hudson Middle School sixth, seventh and eighth grade individual students and grade level teams, ranked in the top three of all school teams competing in the Ohio Math League Competition. 

The Eighth Grade team of Sneha Upadhyayula (#5 in the state), Jerry Du (#9 in the state), Adam Halford, Yeonwoo Yu, Ben Hoffmann, Katie Benson, Kaito Suzuki, and Henrique Sa, ranked second in the state.

The Seventh Grade team of Duy Tran (#2 in the state), Chase Gerbick (#6 in the state), Grace Newsome, Owen Tandy, and Peter Solijaga, placed ranked third in the state.

The Sixth Grade team of Luke Choi (#5 in the state), Jacob Cho, Yiyang Peng, Sophia Song, Cooper McCutcheon, and Emily Schott, ranked third in the state.

The purpose of the Mathematics League is to provide enriching opportunities in mathematics education and math-oriented activities. The competition also provides opportunities for students to gain recognition in mathematics.

The competitions, offered across grade levels, contain topics of interest for students that encourage problem-solving discussions. Teachers use the questions provided by the Math League to present new topics or enhance discussion of old ones.

Each school, teams and individual students receives a score book identifying the 25 highest scoring students, the schools in the League, and the names of the four highest scoring students and school on each level in county and state contests.