CFHS students get involved in Adopt-A-Spot

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Cuyahoga Falls High School students work on their Adopt-A-Spot, planting flowers.
Pictured at their Adopt-A-Spot are, from left,  Steve McIntosh (CFHS intervention specialist) and students Noah Dilworth, Cody Muhlhan and Aubreyana Varner.
Cuyahoga Falls High School students work on their Adopt-A-Spot.

In an effort to increase their community engagement and develop work-related skills, Cuyahoga Falls High School students in Steve McIntosh's job training program have taken advantage of the Cuyahoga Falls Adopt-A-Spot program. 

According to the city's website, the Adopt-A-Spot program began in 1988, when community organizations came together to assist the city gardener with the planting of flowers in a variety of common areas. The program has continued to expand and thrive every year with the unwavering support of residents and businesses alike. 

McIntosh, whose students also help run the CFHS Fresh Farm, is very excited about joining the program. On May 18, McIntosh and several students planted flowers in their dedicated area near the Natatorium.

"This is a great opportunity for our students to feel a part of their community and to help take responsibility for how their city looks," said McIntosh. 

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