OASIS brings women together on spiritual level

Kent Weeklies

Founded by Carla Gasser and Esther Campanella in 2012, OASIS is a community-based outreach program designed to bring women together during the summer to listen, talk, and connect on a spiritual level.

The goal of OASIS is to create a welcoming, relaxing, and safe atmosphere where women can come with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members and be encouraged, inspired, and challenged by hearing the faith stories of other women.

The two-hour evening format begins with a social time with light refreshments followed by a speaker. Each month (June, July, and August), a different local woman will share her personal story of turning to God during a pivotal point in her life and how that decision brought her purpose, hope, and strength.

In the past nine years, OASIS has had over 40 different speakers share their faith journeys with close to 2,000 women. Whether you are young or seasoned, married or single, with or without children—whatever season of life you may be in, there is a place for you at OASIS. You will leave refreshed and renewed. No RSVP is needed, and the program is free.

For more information on this year’s speakers or schedule, visit Carla’s website: www.carlagasser.com.