Judge addresses HHS seniors about heading off to college

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Judge Lisa Coates

Stow Municipal Court Judge Lisa Coates recently recorded a video in cooperation with HCTV for Hudson Community First’s Uncharted Waters: What Seniors Need to Know When They Go to College.

The program now in its fifth year is sponsored in conjunction with Rotary and the Hudson City Schools. Judge Coates' talk is especially pertinent because she talks specifically about what happens regarding things affecting every senior as they go off to college. Topics include signing housing contracts at college, the legality of paying bills on time and what it is going to take to be a responsible 18-year-old.

In previous years, Judge Coates presented in person along with other speakers on various topics. This year because of COVID-19, the program is being modified and offered via video. Giveaways and raffles are also part of this special program day for seniors.

Judge Coates has graduating twins in the 2021 senior class. Her presentation has been a past favorite among graduating seniors. To view the presentation after May 4 go to https://cityofhudson-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/mandrus_hudson_oh_us/EVhSWX1lYcpBptDsQQDqMyQB7zD7kz_Ev0rBu8mCwLiX_Q?e=k3o43f

For more information, call 330-807-1517.