Sledding season

Kent Weeklies
A winter storm from the south dropped several inches of snow on the area last week but enough snow was on the ground during the day to draw people out of their houses and onto the slopes for some old-fashioned fun. Here, sledders trudge up the hill at Goodyear Heights Metro Park sledding hill on Monday Feb. 15
Gauge Franklin, 15, stays on his sled as a friend wipes out.
A young sledder comes down sideways.
A pair of sledders catch air.
Natalia Bozickovic, 7 skips acorss the snow after coming down the Goodyear Heights Metropark sledding hill.
A young sledder races downhill.
Parker Kohl, 9 pumps his arms and shouts as he comes down the hill.
Imani Ford, 17, sleds Monday at Goodyear Heights Metro Park sledding hill.