Write notes of appreciation during Kindness Week

Kent Weeklies

The Hudson High Community First youth advisory board will participate in the Hudson League for Service's Kindness Week in February. Tuesday, Feb. 16, is designated as "write a thank-you note day."

Youth board members will initiate a thank-you note writing campaign to teachers. Teachers make a significant difference in the well-being of our youth and the board wanted to make a special effort to thank them for all they have done during these unprecedented times.

The youth board encourages all community members to take a moment on Feb. 16 to write a thank-you note to someone who makes a difference such as an essential worker, your post office carrier, police/fire/ems, a teacher, coach or staff member that has made a difference in your child’s life or the person who makes your special latte.

Daily Kindness week activities can be found at www.hudsonleagueforservice.org