Kids 4 Coleman host 12th annual extravaganza virtually

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Pictured are Kids 4 Coleman 2020: from left,  back row,  Jim Walter, Aj Spalding, Frank Bowen and Stephen Spalding; and front row, Lauren Walter, Haley Spalding, Maria Bowen, Katie Post, Rachel Reilly and Regina Reilly.
Kids 4 Coleman 2018 Event Sponsors were Tom Geopfert Jr and Neil Mann.
Pictured are Kids 4 Coleman 2019 hosts Jim and Joyce Bowen.
Pictured are Kids 4 Coleman parents  in 2015.
Pictured are Rosemarie and Steve Mandalari in 2017, whom the Kids 4 Coleman organized to honor in 2009.
Pictured are the original Kids 4 Coleman and their moms in 2009.

The Kids 4 Coleman held a very special event this Christmas season - the 12th Annual Extravaganza, a virtual Eat, Drink and be Merry Christmas, benefiting Coleman Adult Day Service. Funds raised through sponsorships and donations will be used to defray the cost of daily care for those in need, regardless of ability to pay. The K4C have raised over $120,000 in 12 years with this year’s event still open for donations.

In years past, these events have included many different themes and foods and locations ranging from the Coleman facility itself to the Kent State Ballroom to the home of Jim and Joyce Bowen in recent years. The event started at Coleman Adult Day Services to showcase the facility. After several years, the event outgrew the location. This year the event extended over the Christmas season and is being held virtually across many homes.

The Annual K4C Extravaganzas began in 2009 in honor of parents, Steve and Rosemarie Mandalari. According to family members, "Coleman Adult Day provided wonderful services for them" and their families, over the years. The families of Steve and Rosemarie are now dedicated to helping support this caring place that continues to serve so many. Coleman Adult Day Services was a godsend to the Mandalari families in their time of need. Their hope is to help make this same gift available to other families. CEO and president of Coleman Professional Services, Nelson Burns and Chief Officer of Coleman Adult Day Services, Robert Steinheiser have been instrumental in supporting the K4C over the years.

The K4C are the children (and their spouses) of the Mandalari Families: Alan and Julie Spalding, Tom and Jean Geopfert, Jim and Joyce Bowen and Jackie and Bill Reilly. The “Kids” are no longer kids but, they enjoy coming together with their friends to host this event each year and celebrate the memory of their grandparents, Steve and Rosemarie Mandalari. This year’s event was held in separate family homes as they contacted sponsors and donors by phone and by mail. The “Kids” include Lauren and Jim Walter with twin daughters, Mackenzie and Madison and son James, AJ and Haley Spalding with daughters, Bella Rose and Sofia, Stephen Spalding, Katie Post, Frank and Maria Bowen and Rachel and Regina Reilly.

This year’s event is still open for donations. Anyone interested in contributing may contact Jean Geopfert at or may mail in a donation to Kids 4 Coleman, c/o Jean Geopfert, PO Box 10099, Akron 44310.

The Kids 4 Coleman would like to express their sincere gratitude for the support of their many sponsors and donors over the years. A big "thank you" to the event committee of family and friends: Janice and Harold Sims, Kathryn Schlosser, Paul and Laura Marva, Donna McFarlan, Angie Reedy, Kathy DeCrane, Barb Walter, Julie and Alan Spalding, Jean and Tom Geopfert, Joyce and Jim Bowen and Jackie and Bill Reilly.

The family also gives "a huge thank-you " to all who have contributed and supported the Kids 4 Coleman for over 12 years.