Create a tin can luminary to light up January

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Tin Can Luminaries

Still feeling that holiday glow from the holidays?   All the lights on the Hudson Greens will remain on through the month of January.  Join merchants and residents to keep yours on too.

The Caroling Kits donated by the Hudson League for Service can double duty as luminaries.   If you haven't picked your up yet, there are a few left at Destination Hudson.

If you would like to make your own luminary set, you can use any size tin can from tuna fish and tomato sauce to  commercial kitchen size cans.  

To make a lantern or luminary, directions are as follows:

Step 1 - Fill can with water and freeze overnight until solid. The ice prevents the can from bending when you punch the holes.

Step 2 - Draw your pattern on the  tin can with a Sharpie Marker.

Step 3 - Cradle frozen tin can in a folded towel, which prevents the can from moving and also catches ice chips.

Step 4 - Position a nail above a mark on your pattern and gently tap it 3-4 times with a hammer.  Repeat for each mark until your pattern is complete.  Using different size nails can make interesting designs.

Step 5 - Rinse the can under hot water until the ice block pops out. Dry the can to prevent rust.

Step 6 - Place a lighted candle, votive candle or flashlight in the can.