Hudson Job Search: Pandemic impact on job searching

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Rob Gerling
Jim Gorian

The first Hudson Job Search meeting in September will move to Tuesday, Sept. 8 due to Labor Day. The topic “Pandemic Impact on Your Job Search: Perspectives from an HR Director and a Business Recruiter” will have co-presenters Rob Gerling, Goodyear HR Director Americas Operations and Jim Gorian, President/​Owner of Management Recruiters of Hudson.

As job seekers, it may be important in your job search to best understand the 2020 hiring environment created by COVID-19.

Rob Gerling will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the workplace, current changes in the work environment and expectations for when employees start a new job. He will also discuss how the pandemic has changed hiring and how job seekers can be proactive and continue to develop new skills. He will share ideas on how to answer “how did you take advantage of your downtime during the pandemic?”

Jim Gorian will cover using recruiters in a job search and a take on today’s market place for job seekers. Gorian founded Management Recruiters of Hudson 20 years ago, and is “guided by the principle that we are helping build the client companies we serve while positively leveraging the careers of the candidate we work with.”

Hudson Job Search meets the first and third Monday evenings (due to Labor Day the meeting will be on Tuesday) by Zoom at this time. To register for the Zoom meeting please go to the contact info page on our website and request to be registered for the meeting. You will receive a registration link and then get your invitation to join. All are welcome to join at 7:00 to participate in virtual networking, with speakers starting at 7:30 p.m. For more information go to