Hudson Kiwanis Baseball and Aurora Baseball League are excited to announce that teams in each program’s 11 and 12-year old age groups (Hudson’s "Major League" and Aurora’s "Minor League") will be playing a series of games against each other during the upcoming season.

Aurora Minor League Director Mickey Niro said each team in Aurora will play one game against each team in the Hudson Kiwanis League. There will also be an all-star game between Hudson and Aurora that is scheduled for July 2 at Barlow Farm Park in Hudson. These games will not impact either town’s league standings or tournaments.

"This arrangement gives teams in both communities the chance to face more competition throughout the season," Niro said. "Each city also keeps its own league and crowns its own champion."

Several rule changes also are being made for the age group in Hudson Kiwanis Baseball, the most noteworthy being an increase in distance between bases.

"We have been playing with the national Little League rules for many years, but using larger dimensions puts us in line with surrounding communities at the same age level," Hudson Kiwanis Major League Commissioner Dan Gold said.

The distance between bases in Hudson Kiwanis Baseball is being increased from 60 to 70 feet and the distance from the pitching rubber will move from 46 to 50 feet.

A larger infield lends itself to additional changes related to baserunners and when they are allowed to advance, which will be outlined in the official rules.

"These changes better prepare our 11- and 12-year olds to play at higher age levels," Gold said.

Registration for all age levels is now open for the Aurora Baseball league and is set to begin Saturday for Hudson Kiwanis Baseball. Aurora registrations are being accepted at Players can register for Hudson Kiwanis Baseball at