Twinsburg residents Chase Oberthaler, Tyler Horvath and Nick Bonnizzio played for the Bergen Beach National Scout Team, a baseball team based in Brooklyn, New York.

The team was the runner-up in the 2018 Continental Amateur Baseball Association World Series. The championship game took place last month at Classic Park in Eastlake.

The team is led by Steve Bort, who has coached former and current Major League Baseball players such as Johnny Damon, Alex Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton, Rick Porcello, Todd Helton and Mike Napoli.

The team finished with a 7-1 record at the tournament. The Manchester A’s defeated Bergen Beach 11-5 in the title game.

The CABA World Series began play more than 30 years ago at Stanic Field in Euclid.

The 2019 competition was a six-game minimum event. There were five pool games with pool winners, pool runners-up and two wild-card teams advancing to the single-elimination playoffs.

A total of forty-four teams participated.