For the first time ever, the Hudson Explorers Aquatics Team won the Lake Erie

Club of the Year Award.

Since the creation of the Lake Erie Club of the Year Award in 1992, only one club has ever won this award: the Lake Erie Silver Dolphins.

"We cannot even begin to explain what a huge honor this is for our club," HEAT program director Matt Davis said. "Congrats to all of our swimmers, parents and coaches for working hard throughout the year, to enable our team to receive this prestigious award."

In addition to the club of the year award, the HEAT swimmers also received the most IMX awards. IMX is a program from USA Swimming that allows swimmers to compare their scores with other swimmers around the country. HEAT had 14 swimmers earning IMX scores in the top three scores in their age group.

Six HEAT swimmers were No. 1 in their age group. Two swimmers were selected as senior national participants.

Three Swimmers became new national qualifiers for this coming summer. Eight HEAT swimmers will be junior national participants.

Two swimmers will be National Club Swimming Association junior participants. Seventeen HEAT swimmers had at least one Lake Erie record.

Two swimmers had national top-10 times. Six swimmers achieved all-time national top 100 times.

HEAT also had one scholastic All-American in Tyler Doerrer, six Mid-State team members, 18 Zone team members and 13 Lake Erie All Stars (top time in an event in his or her age group).

Paige McCormick was named Senior Female Swimmer of the Year. HEAT also was awarded the Club Community Service Award.

Head coach Matt Davis was selected to coach the Eastern Zone Select Camp and head age-group coach Erin Crabtree was selected to coach at the Mid-States meet in January, the 2018 Zone Team in August and the first leadership summit in April.

Jay Johnson was one of two athletes selected to represent all of Lake Erie on the Lake Erie board and selected to attend USA Swimming’s first leadership summit.

"As a club, we rewrote our team accomplishments and record books as well," Davis said. "Our senior swimmers won Senior Champs and our age groupers placed second for the first time in club history," Davis said.

"I have been leading the HEAT team for 12 years and the growth of our team has been tremendous.

"I have been blessed to work with countless wonderful assistant coaches and have been really fortunate to have such a great group of swimmers to be able to lead.

"Our community is really passionate about swimming and it makes my job even easier. "

"The HEAT program continues to be a source of pride for HCER," HCER director Meredith Zaffrann said. "I could not be happier for the swimmers, coaches and their families."