In the past, I have had the fortune of working with several very good Wayne County commissioners. Most were committed to their constituents and were respectful to other county elected officials and their needs. Over the past 20 years, we have seen elected county commissioners whose personal lives ranged from an attorney, a farmer, a nurse and a sales representative before becoming an elected commissioner.

I feel the background of a candidate is important. However, I do not feel that the board of commissioners needs a designated commissioner to represent a certain work area for this great county. A candidate must stand and deliver to the public their true desires for serving the public good. A prior work history, personal history, community involvement and their true ambitions as to why they wish to serve needs to be known.

I support Becky Foster. I've known Becky and her family for many years. She has a great employment history, continues to raise a wonderful family and has been involved in numerous community activities which have enhanced this counties overall condition.

An educated woman who has worked diligently for the Buehler's Fresh Foods, which in itself has helped feed this county and its thousands of residents for decades. Becky continues to be a respectful, kind and considerate person to everyone she meets and everywhere she goes. Becky has a great concern for the safety of this county and its law enforcement and fire officers. She also believes in a strong presence for business, farming with a constant reminder for education.

She will make a tremendous Wayne County Commissioner. I ask you to vote Becky Foster for Wayne County Commissioner.

Thomas G. Maurer