I would like to encourage the voters of Wayne County to strongly consider Becky Foster, a life-long Republican, for your next Wayne County commissioner on the Republican ballot on Tuesday May 8.

Becky is uniquely qualified to serve all the citizens of Wayne County in a fiscal and responsible manner that we desperately need to guide the county forward. Her expertise in construction management and her ability to stay within multi-million dollar project budgets are much needed when dealing with our tax dollars.

She has the "Do It Right the First Time" mentality so we won't be burdened with unnecessary spending or costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Becky's knowledge of planning and zoning will help continue to preserve our agricultural community. Becky's knowledge of the value we place on agriculture and her exposure with Buehler's and their support of local farm producers will protect and promote the agricultural lifestyle we hold so dearly.

Becky's support of law enforcement and her vision to protect and provide the help and tools to our officers and others involved in law enforcement are much needed in today's world. Too often our law enforcement officers have been put at risk for budgetary reasons, they deserve better representation. Becky will be their voice while they are putting their lives on the line for our safety.

Becky is one of the very few candidates the voters of Wayne County have had over the years that has the qualifications, experience, an open mind and no personal or political agendas, to benefit Wayne County the first day she takes office. No "On The Job" training or coaching needed, Becky will be a voice for the people … All the people.

I respectfully urge the voters of Wayne County to strongly consider Becky Foster for our next  Republican candidate for Wayne County commissioner. 

Karl Kanehl