As a former student of the Green Local School district, I support the new tax levy coming out. I had a positive experience while attending Smithville where I was encouraged to have high morals, work hard, and always strive for excellence.

I know that inflation has caused district expenses to increase while revenue collection has remained flat. I appreciated how the community supported the schools while I was a student and gave me an opportunity to have many experiences in extracurricular activities.

I now want to offer the same support to the current students. Smithville schools has had a positive reputation in the wider community as I talked to students who chose to open enroll in Smithville from the other schools. I as well as other students have had great experiences with these students.

I can say first-hand that Smithville is fortunate to have a great staff and feel Smithville offers a safe and clean environment where students can excel.

My desire is for Smithville to continue to be a school district of choice. I hope you will join me in voting for the school levy.

Kevin Indermuhle