Recently, I flipped open my ipad to check the weather and news. There I saw a picture of two young ladies smiling and obviously rejoicing together. It was a picture of President Trump's daughter, Ivanka, and bobsled silver medalist, Lauren Gibbs. Unfortunately, I also read the text, which explained that there are those who feel strongly that since Ivanka is white and Lauren is black, this happy picture ought not to be.

For just an instant, I saw two happy girls, now I saw a white girl and a black girl and was led to believe they should be enemies. How sad. Ivanka's and Lauren's skin color is being used by those who want to divide our nation by race. But there is only one race — the human race — made in the image of God and loved by Him so much that He sent His Son to die for it.

The truth is that we are one race made up of "people groups" of various shades of brown. If you think you are white, try this simple experiment: take a sheet of pure white paper and hold it next to your face. Now look in a mirror and see that you are indeed a shade of brown.

I hope Lauren and Ivanka have seen through those who would use them to further divide our country and will actually become good friends.

Anne Phillips