When will

we realize

that the continual "nickel and diming" of us in property taxes only increases the power of our oppressive, tyrannical government and reduces our power as citizens? Stand up and vote "No" on future school levies. Tell government to obey the Supreme Court, find alternate means to fund the schools, and leave our property alone.

Gov. John Kasich has acted very arrogantly in never pursuing alternative ways of funding the schools, despite being told to do so by the Ohio Supreme Court on more than one occasion. It is easier to maintain the status quo than to actually dig in and truly fix what is wrong. Where would you and I be right now if we blatantly ignored the highest court in Ohio? I'm guessing that we wouldn't be running for president. Ignoring my six attempts to contact him regarding this matter has also guaranteed that I will not be voting for him as president.

Superintendent Dr. Joseph Clark's arrogance when it comes to the people of this district is very evident from his words: "Never change the millage, ask for what is needed and don't change it, otherwise it sends the message, 'Vote it down until they lower it.'" (March 25, "Schools may ask for levy in November.")

He's basically saying to the Board, "Forget what the people we are supposed to be working for every day want and need." We must resist this arrogance, stop being apathetic, and vote "No" on Nov. 3.

The government needs to wake up, do the right thing for the hard-working majority, and listen to the Supreme Court by finding an alternative means of funding the public schools. The citizens of Nordonia need to wake up and send a strong message to our arrogant, oppressive leadership with a resounding "No" on Nov. 3.

Richard Prusak, Northfield Center