Listen carefully to

issues regarding immigration, especially those made by presidential candidates and Congress. Do they support a humane immigration policy?

Recent data indicates that over 11 million undocumented workers in the U.S. pick our crops, butcher our chickens, roof our homes, serve in our restaurants, landscape, and clean our properties. We benefit, as do the employers of the undocumented who pay below minimum wages and offer no benefits.

We need to know who is in this country, but a wall only profits its builders. We spend over $12,000 sending an undocumented worker back.

Women and children who arrive are generally desperate to escape conditions in violent Central American countries. U.S. illegal drug users support these cartels.

Do we get adequate media coverage regarding refugees on our southern border? Do we reach out to children who carry younger siblings here? Are we aware of the numbers who die trying to reach the safety of our country? Do we know how many families have been broken up and lost their financial supporters due to sudden deportation from the U.S?

What do our moral and religious convictions call on us to do? Will we respond to the least of these?

Marie Libby, Hudson