Although I was glad to learn about the broadband rollout in our city of Hudson, I am sorely disappointed to have to add this to the already ridiculous list of City Services, which I as a resident, and taxpayer in the southern end of the former township near you, must pay for with my taxes, yet be utterly unable to access any of.

As a resident, I now learn broadband will not be for me. Never mind that I work from home extensively on my days off and on weekends. In addition, we have a power utility which runs giant poles past my house and butchers my trees, which I am not allowed to connect to for electricity. The city has water service from two entities, Akron and Cleveland, but down here in the backwaters between Ravenna Street and the Stow Road crossing, I can't get water either. I just replace water heaters every three years at several hundred dollars a pop and put up with black sulfur and water PH that borders on hazardous to health without adjustment.

We have city sewers, but here I must have a septic system which the county will now decide to evaluate with a fine tooth comb every two years for hundreds more than it ever cost to do so before, penalizing me by forcing me to pay more than a sewer bill ever would. Add to those no trash pickup, and no natural gas. When the city asked for my vote in a merger with the former township, I expected something besides taxation and restrictive zoning. I expected then, and continue to expect now, a city which provides normal services to all its residents. Not just the select lucky few near the boundaries of the original city, and any business willing to come with abated taxes that I presumably also cover with my dollars.

I applaud the efforts of the City to bring Hudson businesses into the 21stCentury, we as residents in the former Township areas would like  to be brought into the first half of the 20th century.

Dan Katz, Hudson


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