I just finished

reading a letter to the Editor dated July 19 in your newspaper ("Positive and negative impacts of Fox Den Golf Course decision should be discussed"). In her letter she focuses on the Council's decision to explore options concerning the city-owned golf course Fox Den. It is this I wish to comment on and hopefully set her version of the facts right.

It is true some members of Council did agree through legislation to ask the mayor to solicit bids for the sale of Fox Den. A golf course which for the last nine years the city has owned, has not been profitable, requiring additional revenue each year to keep it operational. Money which was taken from the city's road fund where I think we all can agree is poorly needed.

What the letter writer failed to report was the legislation required that all residents registered to vote would get the opportunity to decide whether to keep the golf course, sell it requiring the buyer to keep it as a golf course or sell it to an investor with no restrictions. This is a far contrast from the select few in the city who decided to purchase the golf course nine years ago ultimately putting the city's finances in jeopardy.

Lastly, I have attended many council meetings over the last year and a half where numerous discussions have taken place on this issue. My question is, where has the letter writer been for these discussions? It is easy to stand off to the side and criticize the decisions that others have made. Maybe she should do her homework.

Paul Zuravel,