Dear Cuyahoga

Falls residents,

Please read the content of the letters submitted to Letters to the Editor and not just the headlines. I say this because my very neutral letter concerning the school building tours was headlined as if I am for the buildings being razed ("Encourages city voters to tour Falls High and see why new building is needed," July 19). Nowhere in my letter did I even imply such an opinion. The only point made in my previous letter was everyone needs to see for themselves. I am happy to report that around 24 people showed up for the most recent tour of the high school. Although, we were told there will not be another tour the week of July 26, there are supposed to be more scheduled during the summer. Remember, this is your city, these are your buildings, and it is your tax dollars both the state and city want to spend. Being involved helps give a voice to how all that happens.

Theresa Chmielewski,

Cuyahoga Falls