by Ken Lahmers


Slogans and catch phrases are something we hear or read just about every day.

Many products catch people's ears with slogans. If an advertising copywriter can come up with an easily remembered and frequently uttered slogan, it could mean millions of dollars in additional sales.

Take, for example, Wendy's hugely popular "Where's the Beef?" back in the 1980s. That ad featured a little old lady whose real name was Clara Peller.

Many famous television characters also have voiced phrases which have captured the public's attention for years.

Example: "That's the name of dat tune" and "You can take dat to the bank" by Robert Blake in his role as police detective Tony Baratta.

This week, I'm going to have a little fun with slogans and catch phrases. I'll test your memory, and if you recall a lot of them, you can win a restaurant gift certificate.

Some of the slogans and catch phrases listed are easy to figure out; others are harder. Most are nationally renown, but a handful are of a local nature.

Some have been associated with products for decades, while others were used for just a short time, in specific ad campaigns.

The person who submits the most correct answers will be the winner. In case of a tie, the winner will be picked at random.

Only e-mailed and faxed answers will be accepted -- or 330-688-1588 -- and entries must be submitted by no later than midnight Nov. 10.

When submitting answers, write the name of the person who was famous for the catch phrase or the product/company associated with it next to the respective number.

I'll publish the answers after the contest deadline. In the future, maybe we'll do this again.

Good luck and here goes:

(1) On the wings of ____.

(2) Cubs win, Cubs win!

(3) Good to the last drop.

(4) Hey, _______ man!

(5) Yo, Adrienne.

(6) Well, excuuuuse me!

(7) The Mark of Excellence.

(8) American, and proud of it.

(9) That's hot.

(10) Get the _____touch.

(11) Do the Dew.

(12) Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

(13) When you care enough to send the very best.

(14) Every 19 minutes the place goes crazy.

(15) Good night, Chet.

(16) The buck stops here.

(17) I'm going to save you a lotta money!

(18) We bring good things to life.

(19) I never get no respect.

(20) Ahh, what's up, Doc?

(21) When life calls for steak.

(22) Well, Gollll-ly!

(23) Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

(24) They're grrreat!

(25) You can trust your car to the man who wears the star.

(26) Hey Mabel!

(27) We're on your way, the convenient stores of _______

(28) Have you driven a _____ lately?

(29) You are a meathead.

(30) I'm smarter than the average bear.

(31) See the USA in a ________

(32) You've got a _____ in the carpet business.

(33) We fix your panes.

(34) Better ingredients, better pizza.

(35) A man from Kalamazoo got that foul ball.

(36) Nothing runs like a _______

(37) Wake up to us.

(38) The beer that made Milwaukee famous.

(39) Your world delivered.

(40) Umm, umm, good!

(41) Like a good neighbor, _______ is there.

(42) Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.

(43) Get your dogs spayed or neutered.

(44) The balcony is closed.

(45) Just one more thing.

(46) Tastes great. Less filling.

(47) ________ saves you the runaround.

(48) You look mahvelous.

(49) Live from New York, it's ________

(50) The quality goes in before the name goes on.


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