I found it interesting and appalling that Silver Lake Village Council suspended the rules and unanimously voted to pass the water rate increase on only the second reading. I was personally told there would be three readings to allow for citizen input. Could it be that they really don't want to hear what we have to say? I also question how they can justify raising the cost of any utility after the residents have already used it. I liken it to driving up to the gas pump and being told, "Fill'er up and when you're finished, we will tell you what you will pay per gallon." Furthermore, doesn't anybody else question their need to keep "increasing those rates, increasing those rates, increasing those rates"?

Are there any other communities with these types of water rate increases? Granted, things are going up but it sounds like we are in for continuous increases forever and ever, and it is a given at least until 2010. I said it in 2006 and I will say it again; you can rest assured these percentages are only the starting figures to be added to. They have already proved that with a nearly 25 percent increase in a year and a half, and these increases compound.

We are being asked to "trust" our Council to "do the best job." That being said, I think it is time they worked to find a better way. These increases are primarily for operations and administration. Why is it fair for a family who does more loads of laundry to pay a greater share for operations/administration than, say, the two-person household? It costs them no more for a clerk to type a nine instead of four into the computer, or to mail my postcard.

Vicky L. Marimon

Silver Lake