On June 11, I attended the Stow-Munroe Falls School Board meeting to express my concern over my daughter's first-grade class size at Riverview Elementary with the reduction from three classes to two classes. I did not realize that it was the meeting that the teachers had chosen to show their displeasure with the handling of their contract negotiations. I was not there in support of either the School Board or the teachers, but as a concerned parent and citizen of the city of Stow.

I am very disheartened that the School Board and teachers are unable to work together as a team to create the best school system possible for our students.

As I stated at the meeting, I feel the School Board needs to run the school district as though it was a business. I believe they are attempting to do so, but they are failing in the marketing piece.

The levies that did not pass in November and May are indications that a solid marketing plan needs to be used to try to get voters to pass the levy or levies that are needed. We need the mayor, the School Board, administrators and teachers to work together in educating the voters on understanding the levies and the need for them.

The bottom line is that if we do not get the monies needed to run the district, I believe we are never going to have the top-notch school system that the students deserve.

The city of Stow needs a good solid school system to continue to grow and be prosperous.

Carla Feltovich