What in the world is happening to education in Ohio? The school funding issue still has not been resolved. Testing mandated by the No Child Left Behind legislation is draining money from local school districts. The high cost of fossil fuels used to power our buses and heat our schools adds to the burden. Students are provided fewer educational opportunities. Dedicated professionals are being asked to take pay cuts/freezes, forcing some to leave the state or the profession. It truly is a sad situation.

The next question that comes to mind is why our state legislators have not been able to "fix" our state's school funding problems. Other states have funding systems in place that do not require school districts to repeatedly approach voters asking for additional funds. With this in mind, why do our legislators not turn to these states and follow their approaches?

Recently in Summit County, many school districts have placed tax levies on the ballot. Even in districts where academic achievement has increased, some voters continue to say "no" to additional taxes. One group of "no" voters is trying to send a message to state legislators to fix our state's school funding. However, our legislators appear to have turned a deaf ear to this message. The result is more cuts and less for the children.

To those "no" voters who are trying to send a message to the state legislators, I urge them to send the message directly to their representatives and senators. I ask them to take a few moments to send an e-mail or write a letter.

Our elected officials need to hear how their constituents feel. Change is not likely to occur unless we collectively ask for it.

Debbie Mancuso