Once again, common sense prevailed at the polls and a proposed property tax increase was soundly defeated. In any election, 60 percent is a landslide. Recent letters to the editor have castigated Stow and Munroe Falls voters because this proposed tax increase failed, but let's learn something new from this.

This is not an issue of poor children, decent education or misinformed voters. This is an issue of inequity, and everyone should pitch in and help the community, not just the person who owns a home. Even new businesses in Stow get tax breaks and rebates -- but not homeowners.

So what would work? Headlines from a local newspaper on the day after the recent election proclaimed "Historic win for Medina County schools." Medina voters overwhelmingly approved a sales tax increase earmarked for school expenses.

This was a way to shift the burden from homeowners weary of soaring property taxes. The school districts themselves came up with this idea. Their superintendent hopes this can serve as a model for other school districts. A sales tax shares the burden equally.

Believe it or not, there are alternatives to a regressive property tax. Some people would rather stick with the same broken plan of pushing a tax levy, and this is an indictment on our leaders. It is easy to pile on the voters and lay the blame for a failed tax increase on our taxed doorsteps.

It is another to look for a solution that works and we all can embrace.

We do not want another property tax increase. The majority of voters want to know if anyone in Stow has a vision for our community and schools. Maybe we should look to the example of other communities who do have one.

J.R. Pieplow