Stow and other cities are allowing every piece of land to be developed even though we have too many vacant buildings. I don't believe they care about habitat loss or that trees prevent noise pollution, soil erosion and flooding. I think they just want to keep greedy developers and real estate agents happy.

I live in the Wyoga Lake area. At night, I can hear the screaming highway traffic. As more trees are cleared, the noise gets worse. Industrial buildings have replaced the scenery along the bike path. I believe there is a lack of green space in Stow.

We don't need any more vacant eyesores. I predict businesses will come and go in this new industrial park, just as they have all along Hudson Drive and Commerce Drive.

When the big road project begins next spring, how will residents fight that construction and the horrendous Blossom Music Center traffic? Has anyone thought about that? The only time residents seem to matter is when the city needs money to pass a school levy, pay stormwater fees or fund sidewalk repairs.

I e-mailed Mayor Karen Fritschel expressing my dissatisfaction with the unnecessary development. In the e-mail, she wrote, "Although land had to be cleared for this facility, it is fortunate for those of us in this area to have the Cuyahoga National Park, which will remain open space and not become filled with homes and businesses."

I also asked if the city would consider putting up a noise barrier since all the trees are gone. She didn't answer this question. A little consideration for the taxpayers would be nice, wouldn't it?

Gina Venables