What crazy politicians we have in this state. The governor says he'll come in and turn around Ohio, yet he and the Legislature celebrate a status quo budget that continues to defy the state law and constitution by underfunding education.

Munroe Falls City Council withholds support from the recent Stow-Munroe Falls Schools levy because it did not have enough information about the consequences of its failure. What a mockery of political leadership. Shame on Council for denying its support.

Our schools struggle enough with a shortsighted electorate without having to battle equally myopic city leaders. Why is it that the school district always must present the consequences of failure, only to have those opposed say, "All they're trying to do is scare us."

In one breath, voters will acknowledge that today's students are tomorrow's leaders, business owners and leading citizens.

In the next, they say they don't want to give them the educational tools to be great. These voters lament the declining economy in our state, acknowledging the remedy of properly educating our youth, yet they refuse to give our schools the resources to continue to give our students an excellent education.

Why must the administration argue the risks of failure? Why can't citizens in Stow and Munroe Falls look at the good job our schools are doing educating our children in a fiscally-responsible manner and respond by saying, "Yes, let's keep it going. In fact, let's do it even better."

Where is the vision of the citizens of Stow and Munroe Falls who keep voting down the money to continue funding an excellent educational system? I know times are tough. Money is tight. But the way to begin turning around our city, our region, our state is to continue to raise the quality of education our children receive.

Bill Kirkwood