I read with disbelief the Jan. 14 Stow Sentry article that describes Stow City Council's proposal to limit the lawful use of children's motorcycles and other off-road vehicles on personal property.

Apparently, the pending action is a response to an isolated disagreement between a resident and neighbors. Most surprising to me was the initial Council response to limit all vehicles on private property during very restricted hours with oppressive city legislation.

I have lived in a Stow housing development for more than eight years.

My kids ride a Honda 50 and Honda 80 motorcycle on my property.

They ride at reasonable times and the motorcycles are properly equipped with mufflers that minimize the noise.

I have never had a complaint from a neighbor. I even called my Council representative who lives three doors down from me to ask if he or any of his neighbors were ever bothered by noise from my kids' motorcycles.

He replied that he was unaware my kids rode motorcycles in the yard, and that he has never had any complaints from neighbors.

Modern off-road motorcycles and ATVs are designed to meet strict federal guidelines for sound emissions so they can be operated in private and public areas without being offensive.

Competition motorcycles are exempt from the law because they were designed to be ridden on a race track only.

Competition motorcycles do create noise levels that I think many neighbors would find offensive. I would support limits on competition motorcycles emitting noise in excess of the federal standard for off road motorcycles. I do not support banning all motorcycles and ATVs as Council has proposed.

Kevin Herring