I do not support the proposed Stow-Munroe Falls School District levy that would generate $3.9 million annually for five years.

I feel the school system should make the needed cuts as were proposed by the treasurer, Ryan Ghizzoni. If the school system can make cuts of $500,000 per year, why are they asking for a levy of $3.9 million a year? This makes no sense at all to me.

If they can save $2.5 million over five years by making these cuts, why do they need a levy that will generate $19.5 million over five years?

I would further request that Mr. Ghizzoni submit to the Stow Sentry salaries of all teachers, administrators, non-teaching faculty, benefit packages and what the cost is for the taxpayers.

I would also request for the school system to submit its plans for negotiating new union contracts that expire in July. I would also like to see the school system submit budgets for the school year to the Stow Sentry.

I also feel at this time, that the School Board should resign and submit to the voters that we hire retired business men or women to run the school system efficiently. I know that this may sound like a drastic measure at this time, but it is time that the taxpayer actually gets the results that they are paying for.

In my opinion, it is time that we quit funding bloated salaries and benefits and start living within our budgets.

Rick Anderson

Munroe Falls