We lost our son Philippe to Astrocytoma Brain Cancer on Saturday, February 17, 2018, 92 days after his diagnosis on November 17, 2017.

Philippe was born April 4, 1975, in Lille, France, and would have been 43 years old this April. He lived in France, Indonesia, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, and Germany before moving to Hudson, Ohio, in October 1983. Attending Hudson schools from third grade through graduation from Hudson High in 1993, Philippe was a school leader in music. Teachers Michelle Worthing, Dean Eschliman, and Mark Zartman were very instrumental in encouraging Philippe’s interest in music.

Following graduation from Hudson High, Philippe enlisted in the US Marines, attended the US military music school in Norfolk, Virginia, and played in the Marine Band in Hawaii during his enlistment. He made many life long friends in both Hudson and Hawaii. 15 fellow band members attended his memorial service in Charlotte North Carolina, on March 2, 2018. Hudson High classmates were also in attendance. Many fellow J.B. Hunt executives were in attendance.

After the Marines, Philippe received a music scholarship to The Ohio State University, and a Pell Grant, Marine VA benefits, and worked in a Sears hardware store. In addition to a degree in music in 2001, Philippe also received a logistics degree from the school of business.

Philippe’s first job was here in Hudson with J.B. Hunt trucking as a clerk for the JoAnn fabric account. Two years later when a promotion was offered to return to Norfolk Virginia, he went back to an area he knew well. He remained there with J.B. Hunt until last year when he relocated to Charlotte North Carolina following yet another promotion to area regional Operations Manager. Throughout his 16 year career with J B Hunt, Philippe made numerous friends and filled many additional roles including college recruitment, new employee recruitment, sales presentations, and introduction of new accounts. His warm, laid back, retiring personality attracted many, many different acquaintances. He was held in high esteem by one and all.

Philippe loved to drive automobiles, and power his boat on the inland waterway. For his honeymoon he took his bride to visit France where he had been born. Fifteen years ago at Christmas he visited his sister in Costa Rica. Met a girl, Geovanna, from San Ramon, Costa Rica, brought her back to Ohio, and they were married by Mayor John Krumm at our home in Hudson on May 31,2003. Their two children Gabi, age 10 and Alex age 6 were both born in Chesapeake Virginia.

In addition to his parents Ted and Brigitte, Philippe will be missed by his brother Tim from Cincinnati and sister Camille from San Jose, Costa Rica, as well as he numerous nieces and nephews and in laws in both France and Costa Rica.

Words are inadequate to describe our feelings of loss and sadness for our son. He was truly a great guy taken from us much too soon. We miss him dearly.

Ted and Brigitte Gottfried