If the expectation is that it’s wrong to have national political conventions in person; or to have to have sports teams play to in-person crowds; or to have to have town hall meetings, city council meetings, board of education meetings in person; or to have in-person fairs, festivals, shows, or events; then the it’s also wrong to expect to have schools forcibly re-open to in-person instruction. It seems like schools are being forced to test public policy concerning on in-person interaction.

President Trump’s own son will not be in school because the school remains closed. Public opinion is vastly against schools re-opening. There has not been enough time to formulate plans, nor enough resources to support improved in-person safety issues. The risk for in-person school is illness or death potential for probably thousands. It’s not fair to make schools a coal mine canary for COVID.

Until a vaccine is discovered, tested and widely distributed, schools should avoid in-person learning. You can make up learning, you cannot make up lives. Why should our children, teachers, and school staff be forced to take the in-person risk?

Clifford Bliss, Kent