Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Munroe Falls —


Noise heard outside: A Munroe Falls Avenue woman reported she heard what sounded like someone tugging on her screen door at around 12:50 a.m. July 12. Police said they searched the area around her home and did not find anything or anyone.

The woman had previously reported when she came home during the evening July 10, she discovered she had left an exterior door unlocked and she heard a noise upstairs. Police said they searched the home and did not find anything out of the ordinary.

Vehicles parked by business: Police said they responded to a report of two suspicious vehicles parked at the side of a South Main Street business late in the evening July 8, but there were no vehicles when they arrived.

Woman taking photos: Police said that after an Oakhurst Drive resident reported a woman was taking photos of her home during the afternoon July 7, the woman told them that she worked for a lawn care company and that she was taking pictures of the home to show a worker which lawn he was supposed to spray after he had previously sprayed the wrong lawn. The resident confirmed that she did use the company to care for her lawn.


Woman provided information: A Munroe Falls woman reported that after she received a message through social media from a friend providing her with a phone number to get information about a COVID-19 relief fund, she contacted someone at the number and provided sensitive personal information. The woman said that when she was then told she had to pay a fee using either an app or with gift cards, she knew something was wrong and ended the conversation. Police said they believe the friend’s social media had been hacked and the message did not come from her. Police told the woman she should contact any financial institutions she does business with, as well as the Social Security Administration.

— Stow —


Grate taken from pond: A city street department employee reported that while employees were working at a retention pond off the bike and hike trail near Progress Park Drive on June 26, they discovered someone had stolen an approximately $300 metal grate from a concrete outlet structure since late December.

Catalytic converter stolen: A man reported June 25 that someone stole his vehicle’s catalytic converter of unspecified value while the vehicle was parked in his apartment building’s parking lot during the night.

Company stopped responding: A Stow man reported that after paying nearly $1,500 online for the purchase of a boat motor from an Indonesian company several days earlier, he did not receive a receipt and the company was not responding to his emails.

Man reports employment scam: A Stow man reported June 22 that after posting his resume online, he received a job offer. A condition of the job was that he had to purchase a cell phone and a tablet computer of unspecified values and then ship them to an Illinois address so that software could be installed into them. The man said he realized it was a scam after the devices were delivered and he was asked to provide personal banking information. Stow police said they contacted police in Illinois and discovered the address the man was given to mail the devices to was a home that had been vacant for several years.


Woman says she was scammed: A Stow woman reported June 26 that she was cheated out of $2,400 in a mystery shopper scam. The woman said that after she applied for a position as a mystery shopper, she received a packet of information from someone she believed to be in Florida. The packet included a check for $2,940, which she was told to deposit in her bank account, keep $540 for herself and use $2,400 to purchase gift cards from a local store. The woman said she was then told to provide the codes on the cards to someone over the phone. After doing so, the woman discovered that the check was fraudulent. Police said that during an investigation, they determined that the packet was apparently mailed from California and the phone number she called to provide the codes was fraudulent.

Woman reports information used: A Cox Drive woman reported June 25 that someone used her personal information in a failed attempt at applying for an auto loan from a bank, a successful application for an auto loan from a different bank and in opening an electric utility account. The woman said she was not out any money, but she froze her credit and one of the credit bureaus requested she file a police report.

Breaking and entering

Business door damaged: The owner of a business in McCauley Road’s 1000 block reported June 23 that someone tried to break into the business, damaging a door jamb and weather stripping, since the day before. A police report did not include a damage estimate.