TWINSBURG TWP. – Trustees are taking steps to proceed with renovations to the Township Hall after agreeing May 13 to seek bids for the work.

The session was the first one trustees conducted since March, and took place at Township Hall. Because of the state’s coronavirus guidelines, the public was not permitted to attend in person, but was able to access the meeting via live-streaming.

Township Administrator Rob Kagler explained an architectural firm last year had devised plans to replace doors, install a security window, address other security concerns and improve the climate control system in the lobby.

However, since other township projects were determined to be of greater need, the lobby work was postponed until this year.

Kagler said when trustees decide to reopen the building to the public, a temporary Plexiglas security window will be in place until the permanent window work commences.

In other business, trustees amended the resolution dealing with 2019-20 medical insurance coverage for elected officials and eligible employees to reflect a $9,506 increase in the overall compensation to Medical Mutual and Burnham & Flower. The latter provides health reimbursement account management services.

Under the agreement for the coverage and management services, the total costs for 2020 are not to exceed $161,380 for Medical Mutual and $118,125 for Burnham & Flower.

Supplemental appropriations for 2020 totaling $365,369 were approved, as were township obligations of $397,347 and then and now commitments of $10,606. Kagler said the increases mostly are for the road program, including items such as rejuvenating concrete, crack sealing and asphalt and pavement markings.

Trustees approved a motion allowing certain employees to work at home during the coronavirus pandemic. The work-at-home edict was effective March 23.

Kagler reported branch chipping was suspended in May, but is expected to be back as usual in June. He noted officials are awaiting further announcements from the state before deciding whether to offer Safety Town(ship) this year and to issue recreation program checks.

Kagler said the annual township audit proceedings are under way, but an on-site visit is on hold because of COVID-19.

The sale by auction of a dump truck has been postponed, and the purchase of a new dump truck is on hold, according to Kagler, who said he will have revised forecasts for the police, fire and service funds ready next month.

"I’m expecting a drop in the general fund because of COVID-19 since much of that fund relies on Joint Economic Development District income tax revenue," he said. "Plus gas tax and Local Government Fund revenues might be lower."

Kagler said the Summit County Sheriff’s Department handled minimal incidents during the governor’s stay-at-home order, especially at night, but there was a slight increase in domestic incidents. "Sheriff’s deputies resumed targeted traffic enforcement May 1," he said.

Upcoming township meetings are as follows: June 2 – water district at 6 p.m. and JEDD board at 7 p.m.; and June 10 – township trustees at 6:30 p.m. All are planned at Township Hall.

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